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Birthdate:Jan 23
Location:California, United States of America
“Never love anyone who treats you
like you're ordinary.”

Oscar Wilde

{ brief history }

female ◦ mother ◦ californian ◦ aquarius ◦ fangirl ◦ writer ◦ smart
slightly weird ◦ loving ◦ awesome ◦ proud to be me

{ fan }

sherlock ◦ doctor who ◦ wholock ◦ elementary ◦ hawaii five-0
eureka ◦ warehouse 13 ◦ firely/serenity ◦ st. trinian's
star trek (2009 reboot) ◦ harry potter ◦ marvel movieverse
lord of the rings trilogy ◦ the hobbit trilogy

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adlock, amelia pond, annabelle fritton, aragorn, arthur darvill, bela talbot, benedict cumberbatch, cabin pressure, castle, charlie bradbury, clara oswald, colin ferguson, crossovers, daleks, danny pink, danny/christina, danny/clara, danny/rachel, dean winchester, doctor who, don flack jr, donna noble, elementary, eleven/idris, eleven/river, eleventh doctor, elijah mikaelson, emily prentiss, endeavour morse, eric szmanda, eureka, fanfic, faramir, fic writing, firefly, flack/susan, garrett/maka, greg lestrade, gregson/joan, hikaru sulu, hoopervan, i believe in sherlock, idris, iluvroadrunner6's fanfics, inara serra, ineffible flackness of being, irene adler, irene/molly, jack carter, jack harkness, james kirk, jenna coleman, jessica angell, jo lupo, joan watson, karen gillan, kate beckett, kelly jones, kelly/annabelle, khan noonien singh, khan/molly, khanolly, kirk/uhura, kitty winter, lady heather, leonard mccoy, lestrade/joan, lord of the rings, madame vastra, madame vastra/jenny, mal reynolds, mal/inara, marcus bell, marcus/joan, mark sheppard, martha jones, martin crieff, martin/molly, martolly, marty's not a criminal!, marty/rachel, marvel movieverse, matt smith, mccoy/molly, mollcroft, mollrene, molly hooper, moriarty was a liar, mrs. hudson, ms. hudson, mulan, musical theatre, mycroft holmes, mycroft/anthea, mycroft/molly, mythea, nathan fillion, nyota uhura, pavel chekov, reading, richard castle, river song, river tam, robert/lizzie, rory williams, rory/amy, sally donovan, sally/molly, serenity, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sherlock/amy, sherlock/irene, sherlock/molly, sherlolly, spock, st. trinians, star trek, tess fontana, the hobbit, tobias gregson, twelfth doctor, wholock, writing, zane donovan, zane/jo, zoe/wash
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